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Betting on tennis – Individual playing styles

In previous articles we have already covered the very basics of betting on tennis, so now we go a little further. Information in this article are important, so you should at planting should be taken into account. Today we will explain the different playing styles, and each style will give a few well-known players who play just the style.

Aggressive players playing at the baseline/Players who move around the court

These styles we join together, because they are very close. These players usually waiting for an opportunity and then her tight hold of it. He can also defend very well and know when it is better to hold back. This group includes Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Andy Roddick, while Djokovic is probably most of them defensively based (its advantage lies in the fact that he can bamboozle virtually any ball).

The advantage of this style of game is that it can be used on any type of court and is very flexible. Players in this way also saves a lot of forces that are difficult to match them will find useful. These styles of play but require a precision strike, otherwise not very effective.

Defensive players playing at the baseline

This is a player who is trying to return every ball. Rely on the fact that his opponent eventually either produce or unforced error and performs a weaker blow that defensive gamers will think of something. Exchanges are quite long and opponents often become frustrated, so they begin to play more aggressively (which leads to additional nevynuceným errors).

Best player falling into this group is definitely Andy Murray. Another advantage is also a great technique. In the WTA this playing style has caught almost to perfection Caroline Wozniacki. In the past, this technique also used by Rafael Nadal, but he gradually started playing more aggressively.

The disadvantage of this style of game is that it is mentally and physically quite challenging, so it can not be used by everyone.

Players reliant on serves and volleys

In the past it was a very successful style in which player tried immediately after its submission to the network and receive dude terminate replacement. The popularity of this style of game but decreases because courts are now slower than it used to be (it leads to longer exchanges, which are interesting for the audience). This style of play and losing effectiveness.

This style in the past used quite regularly and Roger Federer (especially on faster courts), but now plays differently. If conditions are right, this style is effective because the large number of players against this style of playing poorly. Quite a lot of players because this style is used as an “ace in the hole,” which tries to surprise the opponent.

How this applies to gambling?

So now, when we said basic information about the game style, we can look at how they relate to betting. To bet on the game, pay attention to the playing styles of the players and the surface on which to play (information surfaces court will bring in one of the future articles).

On clay generally thrive Spaniards (Nadal, Ferrer, Almaro) on a hard surface, but again, doing more players relying on serves and volleys. Players relying on escort service but again failed against players who defend the base line (for example, Isner, Querrey and Karlovic have appalling record against Murray, Nadal, Ferrer and so forth).

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