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SureBets – a sure bet without risk? Yes, this is it!

Surebets – arbitrage bet, or a sure bet without risk, is as old as gambling itself. This type of betting is based on the different courses offered by different bookmakers. Let’s look at how it works.

Surebetting to work, you need to have sufficient capital. About him, but not to be feared. Surebets (English language: sure = certain = betting betting) is a form of betting, which is always successful, no matter how the game goes. In this method of betting is no risk of losing money.

For surebetssure is needed:

First bettor knows the rules bookmakers – especially after the way the payment of money in case of a tie, for example Retired tennis returning the deposit before the first game by playing etc.

Second tipster is very familiar with errors in courses – every office has treated the wrong rules call for courses, for example, when one accidentally added bookmaker 0 – is necessary to avoid such situations, since such an error in some offices may mean return of the deposit, which is surebets total disaster

3. Speed ​​Betting – to locate the required courses must be two protisázky conclude quickly if you entered only one bet and protisázky waiting to be listed better rate, also you may find that this rate drops rapidly and thus unusable surebets

4. The necessity to avoid bad bets betting – this is the most common mistake when surebettingu, bettors happens that both bookmakers bet to the same winner, or on UNDER/OVER, thereby once again paid surebetting

If you are betting without the risk of certain interested, you can go ahead. At the beginning, however, we recommend that you only bet on the opportunities that have only two possible outcomes. From surebettingu – at least at first, there are large earnings. Given that this method of betting began to use many bookies, bookmakers often patrol the similarity courses with other bookmakers, and so are the differences in courses usually minimal.

U surebettingu of course true that the more money you put into the betting, the more you win. However, if the truth of betting high stakes, you may find that by bookmakers get the value limits per bet.

The principle is as follows surebettingu. For example, we have CZK 1000 and we want to bet on a football match Chelsea FC – Bayern Munich. How do we calculate the correct amount of bets?

OVER 2.5 2.66 first course betting
UNDER 2.5 rate of 1.67 second betting
coefficient = 1 / 2.66 + 1 / 1.67 = 0.974 (roudned).

Now therefore our 1000 CZK bet as follows:

1000 / 2.66 = 376 CZK for the first betting
1000 / 1.67 = 598 CZK for the second betting

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